Director's Statement

When I first read about the theme park online, I was immediately intrigued by the existence of such a bizarre attraction in this day and age. I have always been interested in microcosms of society. And communities that are discriminated or gravely under-represented in the media.

‘Little People Big Dreams’ check both boxes. Through this film, I hope to increase our understanding of the lives of little people in the world’s most populous nation. The personal life stories featured in the film are both saddening and inspiring. Their pains, triumphs and dreams are a lot more similar to those of average-sized people than largely perceived. This is a universal tale about the pursuit of happiness. Through all my films, I aim to tell stories of hope that speak of the resilient human condition. 

About the director: Mak CK

With over a decade of experience working in television, Mak is a multi-award-winning director-producer with a portfolio that includes projects for National Geographic Channel, A+E Networks Asia, Discovery Networks Asia, Star TV, MTV Asia, Disney Channel Asia and Channel NewsAsia. He has conceptualised over a dozen original TV programmes and developed many more over the years.

Having filmed in 22 countries worldwide, he has produced and directed over 30 factual TV series and documentaries. His multiple wins at the New York Film and TV Festival include a Best Direction Silver World Medal for ‘China Close Up’ in 2014. 

Mak’s debut documentary feature film, 'The World's Most Fashionable Prison', about a fashion rehabilitation programme in the Philippines’ largest maximum