"Little People Big Dreams is a piece of art." 
Imma Vitelli, Vanity Fair Italy

"There is a long history of entertainment objectifying people of short stature because of their appearance. Because of this, entertainment will always be a difficult issue within the dwarfism community. The beauty of Little People Big Dreams is that it shines a light on the dwarf theme park in China, and it lets the dwarf performers tell their own story, and it allows viewers to reach their own conclusion about the theme park."
Gary Arnold, President of Little People of America

"A touching film that in virtue of its sensitivity is a rebellion against a world where such a place actually exists."
CPH:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival

"An unflinching documentary about what it means to look different in China."
Singapore International Film Festival


"I Kina findes en forlystelsespark, som bebos af dansende dværge. En velfortalt dokumentar tager os med på besøg og viser, hvilke kår kinesiske dværge lever under…"

"Filmen 'Little People, Big Dreams', der lige nu bliver vist på filmfestivalen CPH:DOX, går tæt på en kinesisk temapark, der ansætter dværge til at klæde sig ud og underholde gæsterne…"

"We met with director, Mak CK, to hear more about his controversial film ‘Little People Big Dreams’ and political correctness in China..."“why-does-place-exist”

"CPH:DOX sets up even more screenings of the most popular films like ‘Foodies’, ‘Nas’, ‘Me and Dad - No Expectations of Applause’, ‘In the Basement’ and ‘Little People Big Dreams'…"

"En filmskaper retter nå søkelyset mot fornøyelsesparken «Dwarfs Empire» i Kina som kun ansetter kortvokste mennesker til å underholde de besøkende…"

A controversial theme park in China is the focus of Channel NewsAsia's first feature film, Little People Big Dreams.“

“Channel NewsAsia launches its first feature film – Little People Big Dreams”

“Parts of Little People Big Dreams will make viewers squirm.”

“10 Things to catch at the Singapore International Film Festival”

"2015 Singapore Movie Guide"
The Straits Times (24 Dec 14)


Nordisk Film Biografer Ratings: 5/6